purchase agreement terms

1. Must be employed and  a REGULAR employee.
2. If SELF-EMPLOYED, we need proof.
3. Must have contact numbers - mobile phone or an alternative and your work number
4. Must be a resident of  Country where you brought the merchandise.

Below is an example  of the agreement we will let you sign when you get the phone.

Note: If you are a student, you can make  your parent purchase the merchandise.


                                                             Retail installment contract

SELLER :  Stevevon Francis
                 po box, 2827, potters village                                          Buyer  name:----------------------------------------------------------------------------
                 St johns, Antigua
                 Tel 268 720 1416                                                                        


                                                                                                       tel: work-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

                                                                                                       tel: home -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

  cash price $---------------------------------                                                down payment $------------------------------------------------------  

  Hire purchase price $-----------------------------

number of payments:-----------------------------------                                 amount of payments-------------------------------------------------------

When payment are due---------------------------,  ----------------------------------------- , ---------------------------------------------------

    I agree to pay my installment on time and if by chance i am late with payment I must be subjected to a 10% late fee.

  I agree to take care of the merchandise until it is fully paid and that I am responsible to pay the full amount that the merchandise cost in case of thief or damage.

I agree to return the merchandise in good condition if for some reason it is difficult for me to make payments after 10 days of the due date.

  I/we agree to the terms of this retail contract

   Seller----------------------------------------------                                                     Buyer--------------------------------------------------------------